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      When we say better matters, we mean it.

      Only Verizon ranks highest in three leading studies, in multiple tests, year after year. Can your network say that?

      Verizon is #1 where it counts the most.

      According to RootMetrics©, the largest independent third-party tester of wireless network performance, Verizon is #1 in speed, data, reliability and overall network performance in the U.S.

      And after 3,851,608 tests, 239,941 miles driven, and 6,607 indoor locations tested, you can safely say they’ve done the research to prove it.

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      Network Satisfaction.

      When customers feel the difference between our network and the competition, that’s when better really matters.

      Verizon has ranked #1 in network performance satisfaction for 33 consecutive quarters, based on analysis of the latest data from Nielsen.

      That means for eight years running, customers have been happier with Verizon’s network performance.